We take an advisory and fiduciary approach to our services. What does this mean for you? We are product neutral and have no sales quotas to meet.  We are independent. You are our priority.

We are transparent and always disclose how we are getting paid. Commission-earning insurance sales have a built-in conflict of interest. For example, one insurance policy may be nearly identical to another. Both will do the job for you. But one pays more in commission than the other. We believe you should know those details before you make any decisions. A fiduciary advisor always puts your interests first, including disclosing and managing conflicts of interest.

Fee-based investment management closely aligns our interests with yours. We charge a negotiated fee that is a fixed annual percentage of assets under management. But sometimes a commission-paying approach is better suited to your needs. For example, some investors do not wish to pay for ongoing active monitoring and trading on their behalf. They are doing that for themselves. But they want an advisor to consult with when considering new investment ideas and when calling to place buy and sell orders.

Investment Planning:

It requires planning to truly know whether to take risk, when to take risk, how much risk, and why.  Investing involves taking risk to achieve a goal in the future. The process of planning defines the size and scope of your goal. That definition is essential to informed and appropriate investment risk management.

Insurance Planning:

Insurance involves transferring the risk of unexpected events to an insurance company. The process of planning identifies such risks and determines how much of the risk to retain (self-insure) and how much to transfer through an insurance policy. 

Portfolio Consulting:

We offer two types of portfolio consultations. First, we can provide an analysis of the social and environmental impact of your current investments. Second, we can review the fit between your risk tolerance and your investments. We charge a negotiated fee for consulting services.

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